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I just saw this post speculating that Stiles does not actually have ADHD and instead those symptoms have always been frontotemporal dementia - as some of the symptoms line up - despite us being clearly told that the nogitsune was messing with the scans. Now, I’m normally a big fan of rejecting actual canon in favor of headcanon but this is one instance that I CANNOT tolerate it. 

Stiles is the first ADHD character I have ever seen that wasn’t treated as the butt of a joke. Or multiple ones. In fact, he has an instrumental role in many of the plots AND IS EVEN THE FAVORITE CHARACTER OF MOST OF THE FANDOM. Even though I was nineteen when I first started watching Teen Wolf, seeing an accurate representation of both the good and the bad aspects of ADHD was… I can’t even describe it. Though I’m fairly certain I heard a choir of angels singing Hallelujah.

Now imagine a teenager watching Teen Wolf. A fifteen or sixteen year old dealing with mean high school students laughing at them for not being able to concentrate, or for getting too manic over something that excites them. Imagine them seeing Stiles. This scrawny (though not that scrawny anymore) kid who runs with werewolves and keeps up. Who so easily shows his ADHD without making a big deal of it. Who uses his ADHD to his advantage! Imagine how much of a confidence boost that teenager would get.

There was a bit more I wanted to say but I’m just really not in a good mood and this is only making things worse because I’m so passionate about it. 



in the game of urls you win or you hyphen

you’re telling me mate


Making my way downtown walking fast faces pass and Im home bound

gotta go save Pride Rock from Scar


Making my way downtown walking fast faces pass and Im home bound

gotta go save Pride Rock from Scar




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